Le attività

During the First World War, Vallarsa saw much fighting and the signs of this can still be seen today, Mount Pasubio was the site of violent battles during the Strafexpedition: that is why the most important areas on Pasubio were declared “Monuments” in 1922.

There are two splendid access routes to Pasubio: Strada degli Eroi through the D’Havet tunnel, where the commemorative stones for the 15 men decorated with the Gold Medal – including Cesare Battisti and Fabio Filzi – can be found; then there is the Strada delle 52 Gallerie, the largest war work from the whole period of World War One and without comparison in all of Europe.

Albergo Aurora is in the ideal setting to act as a base for those looking to experience the history of the Great War, visiting the sites of Vallarsa, inextricably linked to the story of Trentino and all of Italy.

Historic traces can be found everywhere, and these are some of the ones we would really like to recommend:

Military Memorial on Pasubio.

Forte di Matassone.

Forte di Pozzacchio.

Campana dei Caduti.